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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Veterans Day meals

As a veteran I would like to thank a lot of the restaurants for having Veterans Day meals. We have a lot of veterans we don't see anymore and who needed to get out of their homes. It said a lot for those restaurants for exceptionally nice behavior and honoring veterans. We will be back next year.

'The Crucible'

I attended "The Crucible" at the River Campus and it was amazing. These young people are just amazing, and I felt like I was right there. The flex theater was perfect, and the audience felt a part of it. The actors were so good in their own parts. They put a lot into it and it was great.

Leaf collection

I wanted to comment on the leaf collection. I received a copy from the city where it will be collecting leaves, and so far none have been collected. Maybe the city is hoping the wind will blow so it doesn't get picked up. Hopefully soon they'll get the leaves off the street.

Rights to complain

To everyone who voted, great. If you voted for Romney, you have a right to complain. If you voted for Obama, don't complain about what's going to happen in the next four years. If you didn't get out and vote, you don't have a right to complain.

Stop gloating

For those gloating over the election, there was not an overwhelming mandate. The country is split thanks to the campaigns that used class warfare. Many were kept ignorant of the ramifications of a second term. Some people may lose their jobs or have their hours cut because the businesses they work for can't afford to provide health care if they have more than 50 employees working 30-plus hours a week. Contrary to what the administration thinks, most business owners aren't rich. They don't have millions of dollars to pay for another Obama entitlement program.

Use common sense

I got my medical insurance. I didn't need to hire a consulting firm. So why do the people in our local government who are college educated have to hire a consulting firm any time they turn around? They should stop using public money and start using common sense.

Witch hunt

Congress wants to know who created Benghazi "talking points," why the terrorism link was omitted. If they would open their eyes and read the newspapers and listen to the news, it was several days before the United States could go there to find out what happened. So, the first few days were just a guess on anybody's part. But the Republicans are on a witch hunt to try to find anything they can against the president when they should be looking at the farm bill, economy problem, climate change and many more problems.

Health insurance

I am looking at the paper and saw a headline about the local government trying to find a way to redesign the health insurance for the local employees. I thought we were told Obamacare was going to make your insurance go down. It looks like that's not right. The people who voted for Obama are going to come home to roost.


This is in regard to people filing petitions to secede from the United States. I say that's pretty childish. But that's typical of the party that lost. They didn't get their way, now they're going to pout and make it difficult for everyone else.

Gen. Petraeus

Gen. Petraeus, why did you betray us? You not only betrayed your wife and family but your country. How sad.

Reading comics

On reading comics. I read the request in Speak Out for people to read the comics because we need a laugh. I agree, but how can you laugh when most of them are not funny and the others are funny only on a good day.

Broadway looks great

The east corridor of Broadway looks great. Way to go Cape, let's do some more.

Thomas column

Cal Thomas needs to chill out. You can't be taken seriously if he's talking about reality TV. TV has never been totally clean.

Distracting forecasters

I would like to suggest the weather forecasters would stop walking back and forth in front of the map. This seems to be fairly new but its very distracting. Thank you.

Who's helping us?

I have a question, every time there is trouble in other countries we always help them out. I wonder with our trouble, who's helping us out?

Suggested headline

When Obama surveyed the storm damage, the headline should have read, "one disaster meets another."

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