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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

No pictures

I'm puzzled as to why they showed the pictures of the president in the situation room after the SEALs killed bin Laden and when he was assessing Sandy, but they didn't show any when our ambassador and several other Americans were getting murdered. I wonder why that is?

No backbone

Romney had no backbone. His plan in Massachusetts was the blueprint for Obamacare, and he ran from the tea party.

God and country

I totally agree with the caller who said we need to bring back God in our country. Unless we bring him back we won't have a good country again.

Telling the truth

Tell the truth and the truth will set you free. The truth of the president's failures has come out from a few reporters. It's good to see the truth come out in our own newspaper. Thank you Mr. Rust and God bless. God bless reporters who tell the truth, like columnists Thomas Sowell, Byron York, Michael Jensen and David Limbaugh. Read them and learn the truth and the truth will set you free from the president's injustice. He has not protected the country and has destroyed the economy. He abandoned our embassy and people died there.


I heard the message this morning that we are commanded to love God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength and love thy neighbor as thyself. I can't help but to think of the election, and I didn't see or hear love thy neighbor. I only heard condemnation of the candidates and negative campaigning. God help America.

Price to be paid

I just drove by the casino and the parking lot is probably two-thirds or more full. It really burdens me to think that many people are in a casino gambling on a Sunday afternoon. It's bad enough during the week. It's beyond me what's wrong with people's hearts. It bothers me to see the city supported something like that. I believe, in the future, there will be a price paid for it.

Jobs created

It's horrible what happened to the east coast. The devastation hurt everyone: rich people, middle people and poor people. Just think about how many jobs the president said he could have created. Who's going to take credit for the jobs created by disaster relief? It's terrible it had to happen, but there will be jobs created.

Campaign dollars

In the shape our country is in, has anyone considered how much money the candidates spent trying to get into office? Maybe they should have taken that money spent campaigning and used it to turn the country around. That makes more sense.

Traffic problem

It's 3:24 p.m. on a school day and it took me 19 minutes to get through the intersection in front of Alma Schrader school. What's going on with that? Will none of the children ride the bus? Why aren't the police doing anything about this? Surely this is worthy of someone's attention.

Sept. 11 panic

As pointed out by others and looked at in retrospect, it is now clear that in the months and years following Sept. 11, 2001, a collective panic attack characterized the Bush administration, the media and most of the public in ways that led us to subvert our precious Constitution in ways still too mind-boggling to fully comprehend.


As a person who came here legally respecting the laws of the United States as they stood at the time, it took me almost two years to get my permanent residence card. One of the questions they asked me was if I had used any government service, received any assistance and if so how much. I would be required to pay all that back if they approved of my application. Those who came here illegally have shown by their conduct that they do not respect the laws of this country. So why should they be given a free ride into its society? I do believe that the issue has to be resolved, but I also believe that there should be major penalties applied.

Stone, Johnson

The season is early but I think the No. 1 and 2 punches in NCAA Division I basketball are and will remain SEMO's Tyler Stone and Nino Johnson.

Cape events

Cape's Parks and Recreation Department keeps piling up one wonderful event after another. Recently, the haunted house, the soccer tournament and spaghetti day were all stupendous successes. Naturally, all of the staff and management worked together to ensure the continuing top quality of their events, but as I participated in or watched what was going on I concluded that a special pat on the back goes to Parks and Rec employee Suzanne Carter.

Casino reporting

Instead of periodically reporting on the Cape gambling casino's profits, perhaps you should take a more 21st century, enlightened approach and report on the average customer's losses.

Obamacare taxes

I understand there are around 20 new taxes hidden in the Obamacare law. These new taxes will hit at a time of high unemployment, large numbers of individuals on food stamps, and an economy that is on life support. Our politicians are forever looking for more ways to take the working individual's money to spend on their give-a-way programs. Buying votes using taxpayer money is another way of saying it.

Bridge bump

The city has improved and beautified Broadway leading to the new casino. Now it is time to repair some other streets. For a number of months there has been a big bump on the bridge of Lexington and Kingshighway. I know the No. 1 priority was to fix the streets leading to the casino, but I can't afford to go because I'm needing new tires on my car caused by the big bump. The street should also be called "washboard alley."

Poll withdrawal

I'm suffering from a serious case of withdrawal because I have no presidential contest polling data to check, as I had been every 7 minutes, day and night.

Students, Obama

For all students and other folks who voted for Obama, don't complain when you can't get a job and your debt goes sky high.

Thanks to patrol, others

I was reading in Speak Out where we need to commend our Highway Patrol. I agree with that and I would add our police and sheriff's departments, as they put their lives on the line and we should be thankful.

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