Speak Out 11/26/12

Monday, November 26, 2012

Deterring abortions

Now that there is no possibility of an ultraconservative Supreme Court justice being nominated in the next four years, pro-life proponents should turn their attention to proactive deterrence of abortions -- support family planning, educate women on avoidance of unwanted pregnancies and make contraceptives readily available.

Great show

We went to see "The Crucible" at River Campus recently and it was wonderful. The SEMO students did a phenomenal job. The acting was great, they blew it away and the set was beautiful. We couldn't get over the floor. Congrats on the great show.

Hannity, immigration

Kudos to Sean Hannity for coming to his senses on the need for immigration reform.

Obama voters

Obamazombies voted for bigger government and freebies. His administration, which was supposed to be transparent, has been sneakier than Nixon and Kennedy. The United States of America is now in its death throes, suffering from a lack of wisdom and leadership. God bless the U.S. May she rest in peace.

Herzog field

What has happened to the new ball field in Jackson? I have not seen very many games (if any) on that field since it was built. I thought that someone paid for lights that have not ever been installed. Why? I also understand that the legion ball is going to make improvements to the field in the city park. I just do not understand why when there is a perfectly good park on the north end of town. Didn't Mr. Herzog make a sizable donation for the future of the sport in this town? What must he think? Also, if there is not a profit turned in just a few years, does the field revert to the person who donated the land? Just wondering.

Broadway lights

Has anyone noticed how dark and uninviting Broadway is now? First the parking. Now the lights. Is this just another ploy to get people off Broadway and into the casino?

Billy Graham

Thank you for running the full page ad for Billy Graham; it is so easy to agree with him. We should vote for candidates who are pro-freedom of religion, pro-life and pro-traditional marriage. He's right again.

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