Out of the past 11/24/12

Saturday, November 24, 2012


U.S. District Judge Stephen Limbaugh Sr. has been assigned to handle civil cases in Cape Girardeau's federal court for the next year; Limbaugh explains that, while Cape Girardeau has many cases, it doesn't have enough to warrant a full-time judge at this time.

With Assistant City Manager Jeff Hancock leaving next month to become city manager at Warrensburg, Mo., City Manager Gary A. Eide says his duties may be splint into two positions: assistant city manager and airport manager.


Ideal weather conditions are allowing Southeast Missouri farmers to complete clean-up operations in the harvest of cotton, corn and soybeans; most crops from Cape Girardeau County to the Bootheel are in their final 5 percent of harvest.

Trooper Harold C. Logsden, a 10-year veteran of the Highway Patrol, announces his resignation, effective Dec. 1; Logsden, who has been working the Cape Girardeau zone the past six years, says he will devote more time to helping his wife in the operation of their trailer park.


Plans are being made to establish blockades of all Missouri highways, including in this district, in the near future to allow the State Highway Patrol to make a final checkup on automobile drivers' licenses; by law, drivers must pay for a license and carry it with them when operating a motor vehicle.

Eleven gridders of the Cape Girardeau Teachers College team will play their final game of their careers Thursday, when the locals meet the Missouri Miners of Rolla at Houck Field Stadium: Loren Lewis, James Cantrell, Wayne Goddard, James Obermiller, Mib Metje, Grover Crites, Les Sherfield, Walt Metje, George Godwin, Harold Kiehne and Hugh Reed.


Belle Kearney, who has an international reputation as a lecturer, speaks at the Presbyterian Church in the afternoon.

Dr. J.C. Maple, who passed his 79th birthday last week, delivers a lecture-sermon at the First Baptist Church on "Interpreting the Scriptures"; a large crowd listens with rapt attention.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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