Speak Out 11/23/12

Friday, November 23, 2012

Chicago politics

As I read about the affair that Petraeus has been having and hear Eric Holder say he knew nothing about it, I have to laugh. This is coming from someone who has stone walled for months regarding what he knew about the gun mess in Mexico. This administration is so corrupt, you can't believe anything they say. But amazingly, 99 percent of the media will yawn and look the other way. Nothing should surprise me, but hey, it's Chicago politics at its finest.

Police cars

I am not a resident of the city of Cape Girardeau, but I am a resident of Gordonville and a proud resident of Cape Girardeau County. Over the past several weeks I've noticed Cape Girardeau Police Department patrol cars traveling on Route K and Highway 25. I've seen patrol cars both day and night, and what is alarming to me is the high rate of speed these officers are traveling when they're out of jurisdiction. One in particular will flip on his lights to speed around cars in front of him and then turn them back off once he has passed the vehicle in front of him. It is my understanding that police officers must obey traffic laws when they are not running their lights.

Jensen column

Mike Jensen apparently continues to believe presidents should be elected on the basis of square miles of the country, regardless of the population. It would be ironic if this was somehow implemented and, as predicted, Arizona, Georgia and, most importantly (in terms of square miles), Texas turn blue.

Catholic voters

That's impressive. Ever since 1972, a majority of Roman Catholic voters has voted for the presidential candidate who won.

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