Speak Out 11/22/12

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanks for Limbaugh

Thank the Lord for Limbaugh. The Democrats can't stand the truth. ABC, CBS and NBC cover up for Obama.

Petraeus, Obama

Conservatives are in a conundrum. They desperately want to tie President Obama to the sex scandal but at the same time are reluctant to throw General Petraeus under the bus.

Limbaugh's example

David Limbaugh's column about "being smarter about how we approach Hispanics, the young, blacks, single women, etc.," should be read by his more famous brother. When Rush is serious and explaining policy, he is excellent. When he pillories the hypocrisy of so much of liberalism, he can be persuasive. But too often he is mean and demeaning. No wonder so many in the group David Limbaugh says need a better sales job have problems with Republicans. His brother Rush provides a bad example.

Missouri, Obamacare

Missouri's bet against the implementation of Obamacare (upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court and Obama won re-election) is a serious mistake at the expense of many, including the small businesses the Affordable Care Act was in large part designed to help.

Smartphone apps

I call upon the mayor and city council of Cape to require the development of smartphone apps so that the local government can be made more transparent and so that the citizenry can participate directly in the development of local policy.

Mitt who?

Republicans are trying to rid themselves of Mitt Romney so quickly that when his name is mentioned a year or so from now, folks will say, "Mitt who?"

GOP governors

Here's a head scratcher for you. In the name of resisting a federal government takeover of health care, Republican governors are turning health care over to the federal government.

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