Take time to pause and give thanks this week

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Although this space today probably should be used to convey some thoughts on Thanksgiving, I'm in no mood to tell anyone for what they should be thankful.

The truth is, giving thanks -- and I mean the sincere and heartfelt "Dear God" thanks -- is far too personal to put into some generic category.

Let me give you a goofy example.

I was taking a shower and for some reason I was struck by how fortunate I was to have the luxury of hot water.

Now that in itself is not something that would drive you to your knees to thank the good Lord for hot water.

But the reality is that millions upon millions of people can only dream of this luxury. Yet, if you're like me, you never honestly give it a passing thought.

We all can examine our lives and find ample reason to give thanks.

Despite loss and regret, despite failing health and disappointments, despite setbacks and mistakes, we still can find reason to give thanks.

It's easy to give thanks for the big- ticket items -- family, friends, health, security, etc. But beyond these obvious items, we each can count hundreds, if not thousands, of reasons each day to give thanks.

But I'm not about to tell you what in your life should motivate you to give thanks. That is far above my pay grade.

Truth is, I can only give thanks for those blessings in my life. And the same applies to you.

Families across the nation will gather this week, and pause to give thanks for those aspects of their lives that should be noted.

Even if you can't gather, you still can take time to recognize that for which you are thankful.

In some ways -- OK, I'm talking political -- this was not a banner year. But we are blessed with freedoms and opportunities about which others can only dream.

You don't have to bow your head or get on your knees. You just have to pause and genuinely reflect on the blessings that abound in your life.

It is neither complex nor complicated. But it is appropriate.

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