Speak Out 11/19/12

Monday, November 19, 2012

Limbaugh column

Except for the usual histrionics, hyperbole and hysteria, David Limbaugh's mega-length paean to remain true to conservative principles in light of Mitt Romney's shellacking was puzzling only in the sense that he, paradoxically, issued a clarion call for a new game plan.

Leaf pickup

It would be helpful if the city could post the area of town receiving leaf collection each week so residents have some idea of when to have their leaves at the curb. Perhaps this information could be listed in the newspaper each Monday. It is futile raking to the curb days or weeks in advance of collection as the wind blows them into the street. Some bit of notice would be quite helpful. I certainly appreciate that the city will now be collecting multiple times.

Hannity, immigration

Wouldn't it be something if, because he has "evolved" on the immigration issue, we see a right-wing ostracism of Sean Hannity?

Fiscal cliff

Republican Congress members still are at it telling their lies. A senior Republican senator voiced confidence Sunday that U.S. lawmakers would forge a deal on the year-end "fiscal cliff," while a top aide to President Barack Obama signaled a willingness to compromise over raising tax rates on the rich. Since most are millionaires themselves, they are not going to raise taxes.

Stop laughing

It seems that a common jab for Missourians is to laugh at Illinois for their "fiscal troubles." Missouri, before we speak, we need to understand the fact that we take more federal tax dollars than we pay in. Illinois, on the other hand, pays way more than it takes from the feds. In a way, Illinois is subsidizing our financial stability. Maybe we shouldn't laugh so hard at them.

Signage lingo

"Wayfinding signage system." Wow. And to think we used to say "signs that tell you where to go." How boring compared to the new lingo.

Limbaugh show

Isn't it time the networks pull Rush Limbaugh's "talk" (more like bellow) show? Enough is enough. It is, it would seem unpatriotic to rant and rave about our President the way he does. Can't someone stop this man and the other ranters and ravers like Karl Rove, Donald Trump, etc.? I guess money talks and it certainly is the case here. It is highly disrespectful.

City issues

I sent the mayor an email that the drainage ditch behind our neighborhood needed to be cleaned out. It is stopped up with logs, trees and brush, including a pallet that is on city right of way property as the old sewer line is there. I was told they couldn't do anything as they couldn't get on private property. It sure is strange that they could redo the ditch on Dorothy Street that runs along the neighbor's property. Also around all the businesses at Beaver Creek and Mount Auburn.

Charen column

To read the recriminations of columnist Mona Charen is a good reminder that the Republican Party remains in a state of double-downed denial.

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