PCMS math students welcome guest educators

Sunday, November 18, 2012
PCMS students in Karen Krieger's algebra class are pictured with guest educators Tammie Lowes and Stephanie Richardet.

Perry County Middle School students in Karen Krieger's algebra class were visited Thursday by two local business professionals as part of National Education Week's "Educator For A Day" project.

Tammie Lowes, owner and tax preparer at PPS Tax Services and Stephanie Richardet, sales and marketing director at sister company Paycheck Payroll Service, explained that good math skills are critical for living a successful life.

Richardet spoke about the two companies and how they provide separate but related services for businesses and individuals. She also introduced students to the concept of logical and emotional decision making.

"Developing math skills that allow you to logically evaluate a purchase, for instance, will help you avoid emotional mistakes like buying something on impulse that you cannot afford," she said. "Math is a logical skill so every time you practice math, you're developing your logical thinking skills."

Lowes asked the students for examples of life decisions that might require good math skills. Their examples included purchasing a car, buying a house, wisely using credit cards, budgeting household expenses and saving for and paying for college. She also asked students which careers require workers to use math and their answers ranged from waitresses to construction workers to police officers to teachers.

"You might not realize just how important the math skills you're learning in Mrs. Krieger's class are until you get your first job," Lowes said. "Whether you are a waitress, you're mowing lawns or are a clerk somewhere, you're going to want to make sure that your paycheck is correct. Each week, you'll want to be able to multiply the hours you've worked by your hourly wage to ensure that you've been paid accurately."

Lowes also advised the students to speak with their parents about federal income taxes when they get their first job. "Students often incorrectly assume that they are exempt from paying income taxes," she said. "That's not true. If you make over $3,700 you will owe income tax. Your parents can speak with their tax preparer to make sure you're having the proper amount deducted so you don't owe taxes at the end of the year."

Students also asked questions about the differences between credit and debit cards and why interest rates are important.

"We truly appreciate the time that Mrs. Lowes and Mrs. Richardet spent with our class today," Krieger said. "The students have been given a great opportunity to learn about issues that will affect their everyday life and future success. It was a great lesson!"

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