Students learn about glass creations

Sunday, November 18, 2012
Travis and Judy James of TJ's Glass Creations in Ste. Genevieve discuss the science of creating colored glass at Perry County Middle School.

Travis and Judy James of TJ's Glass Creations in Ste. Genevieve recently visited the seventh grade at Perry County Middle School.

"They told a little background story of how they started this venture, and then demonstrated how they make their beautiful glass figurines," said teacher Karen Bahr.

Since they were in Mrs. Bahr's Science room, they also discussed a couple of science topics -- how conduction relates to the glass and different metals they use, and how adding oxygen helps regulate the temperatures needed to melt the glass at 3,000 degrees.

Travis explained the various tools that he made himself in order to form the intricate designs, and he used different colors of glass to make a rose with green petals. Judy also showed the group how she uses stains to create colorful iris and hummingbirds.

"Travis and Judy surprised us by making 40 colorful fish for lucky students to choose from as a little memento to take home," Bahr said.

The students showed great character during the demonstration, and the seventh Grade teachers expressed their deep gratitude for the James's generosity and kindness. To find out more about their beautiful birds, flowers, and other creations, the James' can be contacted at

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