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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Great teams

I would like to comment on the high school teams in the area. Seems like there are several good teams in the area this year. I figure Notre Dame is the most talented I've ever seen, and they have a good chance of going to state. I expect them to do very well.

Like usage

I was wondering if anyone can talk without saying "like" in every sentence.

Drinking ordinance

I would like to comment on the underage-drinking ordinance. First off, I am against underage drinking in a big way. Let's look at what an 18-year-old can do. They can vote. They can serve in the military to fight in war, so we put a gun in their hands. But won't give them a beer. That doesn't make sense to me.

Need benches

I have a message to the managers of all business. Why have you not figured out that we need benches to sit on? We get tired of shopping or waiting. Our population is getting older, and it's time businesses started catering to them just a little bit. How expensive could a bench, or even a few comfortable chairs be? It would be wonderful. Please consider that.

Interstate driving

This is an important message to drivers. When you are on the entrance ramp to merge on the interstate, it is your job to find a safe place to get onto the interstate. Never assume the vehicles on the interstate are going to move for you to get in. That is your job. If you see a big semi-truck coming down, don't assume there's not a car on the other side. Don't expect the drivers on the interstate to make room for you. That is your job.

U.S. deterioration

I have been watching the deterioration of our country for too long. We were the greatest nation on earth. I noticed changes a little bit at first, but now our culture is getting out of control. The media tells us what to think on every issue. We the people have finally caught on. We must educate those who don't understand to join us and protect our way of life for our children and grandchildren. What about you?

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