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Bankruptcies filed through October for the Southeastern Division of the Eastern District of Missouri's U.S. Bankruptcy Court are listed below with their corresponding case number. The Southeast Division includes the counties of Bollinger, Butler, Carter, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, Shannon, Stoddard and Wayne. Court is held in Cape Girardeau.

Bollinger County

Mayberry, Bradley J. Jr.10998
Baker, Linda K.11019
Shell, Darin W.11061

Butler County

Gilliam, Linda R. and Warren E.11000
Summers, James L. and Tina L.11016
Hardin, Kenneth R. and Sharon K.11027
Goodson, Gina M.11029
Landreth, Lennis K.11038
Ford, Kelley E.11041
Sullivan, Rhonda M.11042
Sauls, Dinorah T.11050
Hagood, Laura L.11052
Morey, Brandon S. and Trina L.11058
Harrison, Paul L.11060
Roberts, Clarence L.11062
Merriman, Dalles H.11083
Boone, James W. and Wendy N.11084
Wheetley, Tamara D.11087
Parks, Tena G.11089
Sandage, Neoma L.11108
McCord, Doris S.11109
Ethridge, Melanie R.11118
Douglas, Oliver L. and Amy I.11138

Cape Girardeau County

Kwikkel-Bucher, Tammy S.11003
Hogan, Louis M. Jr. and Cindy K.11006
Carroll, Travis E. and Marsha K. Grissom-Carroll11017
Carmack, Heather D.11039
Hager, Andrew S.11043
Huskey, Jammie A. and Amy J.11056
Tripp, Barbara M.11059
McFall, Travis A. and Whitney K.11070
Pittman, Dennis L.11074
Fornkohl, David L.11076
Gardner, Trina A.11080
Harris, Patrick J. and Dawn M.11085
Ernst, Dawn M.11091
Baker, Penny L.11102
Righter, Janis C.11103
Buchanan, Ronnie L.11106
Ferroato, Monti J.11107
Wilke, Michael L. and Carol J.11111
James, Janis11116
Merchant, David M. and Ambre D.11120
Byassee, Ashley L.11122
Burke, Billy L. and Jean A.11123
Brennecke, Johnny R.11137

Carter County

Redd, Deritha L.11051
Whittom, Norman E. and Tina J.11063
Meade, Donald R. and Tamara L.11096

Dunklin County

Adaway, Ronney11044
Maddox, Norma11045
Hayes, Wiley N. and Vickie C.11067
Campbell, Kit A. and Keri M.11077
Garrison, David A. and Debra A.11079
Perkins, Stephanie R. and Jeffrey L.11112
Johnson, Jonathan P.11119
Browning, Brian A. and Kassandra N.11134
Dollins, Mark B. and Maurita M.11139

Madison County

Johnson, Jacqueline J.11031
McCarey, Daniel J. and Cherie S.11032
Francis, Marsh R. Jr. and Renea L.11033
Torrez, Ginger K.11093
Mayberry, David L. and Ginger K.11094
Head, Timothy M.11095
Lankford, Harold A.11110

Mississippi County

Sutton, Scott R.11026
Lizenbee, Jason R. and Kimberly D.11121
Henderson, Brandon S. and Courtney M.11127
Haney, Darren K. and Susan N. Norship-Haney11129

New Madrid County

Schuerenberg, Denzil G. and Patricia A.11005
Olivi, Jacob A.11011
Collier, James L. and Christine M.11022
Gaideski, Terry F. and Karen A.11078
Shankle, Connie J.11090
Brown, Donald D. and Sherry L.11100
Simmons, Melvin E. Jr.11135

Pemiscot County

McLemore, Jimmy W. Jr. and Krystal L.11046
Presberry, Jacqueline M.11047
James, William V. II11073
Crawford, Georgia S.11130
Morgan, Helen J.11131
Self, Kenneth E.11132

Perry County

Pingel, Shannon R. and Jennifer L.11018
Bock, Dale E.11020
Steele, Darryl W. and Tina K.11035
Giles, Elechia L.11072
Schweigert, Laurie E.11101
Sample, Allen K.11104

Reynolds County

Long, Travis L. and Crystal G.11014
Lovell, David K. and Carol J.11028
Lambert, Gregory D. and Stephanie R.11030
Mahler, Charles E. and Tina M.11036
Baker, Zachary R. and Alicia N.11066

Ripley County

Turner, Shane S.11009
Edwards, Waylon D. and Tricia G.11048
Crews, Tracy L.11053
Hendrix, Kevin R. and Debra D.11064
Turner, Curtis D. and Carla A.11117

Scott County

Garrison, Eugene K. and Theresa J.10999
Wilkinson, Corey L. and Penny R.11001
Riegert, Michael J. and Heidi L.11002
Woolsey, Nicole J.11007
Goston, Barbara A.11008
Nelson, Quincy D. Sr. and Juanita 11012
Morrison, Betty L.11013
Belcher, Leann R.11024
Whorton, Summer D.11025
Sloan, Steven R. and Mychelle M.11034
Little, Michael D. and Lisa A.11055
Sitzes, Penny O.11068
Stanton, Melvin L. and Mary A.11071
Butrum, Bradley D.11086
Brewer-Cheatham, Terry E.11088
Pullen, Gregory S. and Nicole A.11092
Ubah, Dorothy A.11097
Johnson, Paul A. and Camille N.11113
Ray, Ginny M.11114
Miles, Sonya A.11124
Jackson, Bonita L.11125
Parker, Loretta F.11128

Shannon County

Dailey, Sherman B. and Crystal A.11065

Stoddard County

Williams, Amy D. and Kevin W.11004
Baker, Danny L.11021
Brown, Alma L.11023
Long, Anthony J. and Misty11037
Cupp, Jesse B.11057
Boswell, Robin S.11075
Fleming, Christopher L. and Tracy L.11081
Clayton, Kimberly L.11082
Collins, Steven E. and Dorothy J.11098
Gaines, Sandra11099
Robinson, Peter G. and Karen C.11105
Warren, Richard L. and Rebecca D.11115
Patrick, Linda L.11126
Barnett, Karen E.11133
Pullum, James L.11136

Wayne County

Cox, Samuel E.11010
Webb, Michelle J.11015
Ritzu, Wilma L. and David J.11040
Allen, David J. and Angela F.11049
Harris, Cynthia A.11054
Sweet, William K. and Edith V.11069
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