Speak out 11/16/2012

Friday, November 16, 2012


Missionfest was wonderful. I learned a lot and thank the community for putting it on. I was surprised there weren't many churches.

Consumer choice

This is a comment about a girl who died because she drank some kind of highly caffeinated drink. They just put those drinks out; they don't make people drink them. Same deal with cigarettes. If they tax cigarettes, people will get them anyway. To sue for wrongful death is a joke. She knew she had a disorder but drank them anyway.

Obama's second term

It's been one week into Obama's second term and the stock market is down 900 points. Obama better hurry up and tax the rich guys before they go broke. Obama's answer to the economy is to get on welfare and food stamps. The last four years have been bad, but the next four will be worse.

Movies, River Campus

I definitely agree with the Speak Out that said the Missourian should go back and put in some explanations on the movies that are showing. It would be nice to get that information on the paper. I'd like to say the Missourian does a nice job of telling us what's going on at the River Campus.

Immigrants, jobs

I disagree with the caller on illegal immigrants in this country. This caller hasn't traveled much. Travel opens your eyes. The more you travel, the more you learn about people in your own country or overseas. The caller who is against illegal immigration is just plain wrong. Americans do not want to do the jobs that most Mexicans do.

Embassy attack

Looks like the administration knew about the attacks on our embassy as it was happening but lied for two weeks saying they did not know who it was. They had time to send help but let our men die. They should be held accountable and even tried for treason.

Broadway mess

I wanted to comment about the Broadway massacre. They have absolutely messed up Broadway and taken away half the parking. I suggest the city council pay to restore Broadway the way it used to be. When those trees get big, their roots will cause the sidewalks and streets to erode. We need Broadway to be back the way it was.

Obama mandate

In 2004, President Bush defeated John Kerry by 3.01 million popular votes and 35 electoral votes. President Obama defeated Mitt Romney by 2.84 million popular votes and 97 electoral votes. The difference in popular votes between these two victories is 170,000. In the context of this election's electorate, these results are 99.9 percent similar. After his victory in the 2004 election, President Bush declared the results had awarded him a strong mandate. Supporters of this declaration should therefore reach the same conclusion for President Obama.

Obama, Mandella

I realize the circumstances aren't exactly the same, but I see President Obama as the U.S. Nelson Mandela.

Karl Rove

I am considering authoring an unauthorized biography. The tentative title I have chosen is, "From Architect to Train Wreck: A Biography of Karl Rove."

Fox News

I have never in my life seen a TV network make such a collective fool of itself as did (on election night) the Fox News Network.

WSJ column

Thank you for publishing the postelection analysis from The Wall Street Journal. It gave me comfort to learn that the nature of the wimpy, whiny, sore loser, supposedly prestigious newspaper is suggesting a future course for the party that will make it even more Rush Limbaugh-ish in nature and eventually lead to its extinction.

Lowry column

Rich Lowry recently wrote that the Republicans should start stressing the interests of the middle class. I agree but am a bit surprised that Lowry so belatedly recognized that the only honorable way to political victory is via class warfare.

Loud conversations

Do people on cellphones really get a kick out of broadcasting their personal business to others around them. Many times I wish I could walk away from hearing phone fights and gossip. You can be heard coming halfway across the store. As an employee, I have to stand at my station and can't get away. Do the people on the other end know you are sharing their information with the public? Does this make you feel important? Try texting.

Blown away

Mitt Romney may be a good businessman, but he sure got blown away at the business of getting elected president.

Reagan era

One thing is for sure. The era of Reagan has been eviscerated.

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