Mississippi County Historical Society Open House/

Thursday, November 15, 2012
From L - R: Back Row: Brandon Grimes, son of Stephanie Grimes. Braxton Housman, son of Danny and Laurie Housman. Front Row: Connor Beth Watkins, daughter of Tony and Mande Watkins

The Mississippi County Historical Society Board will be hosting an open house at the Moore home on the night of December 7 beginning at 6:00 p.m. The Theme is "Candy Canes on Candle Night". The Christmas Parade can precede your visit.

Come enjoy music under the direction of Jerry McDowell, turn of the century refreshments, and the modeling of vintage clothing. Christmas elves will be decorating the tree.

The vintage clothing will be a small sample of the clothing recently donated by the families of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Thurmond and the late Mr. and Mrs. Grinstead Brewer. We plan to display other items during future events.

You will be able to purchase frozen casseroles and other home baked goods at our annual "Marguerites Bake Sale".

We look forward to seeing you and , as always, donations for the Operating Fund will be accepted and put to good use.

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