Speak Out 11/15/12

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Casino, schools

I lived in Illinois when the casino was passed and they promised all the money was going to go to the schools. And it did. But the problem was they put that money in the school budget and took out money for something else. I was watching the news and they talked about the same thing happening in other states. What happens is money goes to schools but the money it replaces in the budget is taken out and used for something else. What certain schools do is to put a rider on the money. Unless there's a rider on the proposition, the money will go someplace else.

Powell, Obama

A few weeks ago Gen. Colin Powell came and gave a speech. He had a lot of good things to say. I was interested when he came out in support of Obama because he said he is getting us out of the wars, has not started any new wars, and turned around the economic mess. Gen. Powell is a very wise man.

Credit citizens

I read in the paper about the leaf pick-up this year. The pamphlet says how much the city is going to save this year. Since the city raised their water rate, maybe they can give us part of the credit back on our water bill with the money they saved on the leaf pick-up. There's no reason for it to go up as much as it has. If they're really saving money on the leaf pick-up they should do the right thing and credit the citizens.

Supporting Obama

I read a paper making light of Obama's accomplishments. I am not. That is why I voted for him for a second term. People should remember when jobs were being lost grown men were standing on the streets holding signs begging for work. My husband was one of them. We've made sacrifices, but we were still willing to vote for Obama.


Many of us have had a "we can't go on like this" moment at some point in our lives. We can't go on spending and behaving like we have. Our tomorrows will be owned by China.

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