Speak Out 11/12/12

Monday, November 12, 2012

Obama's victory

At least in part, I see President Obama's victory as a total repudiation of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and all of right-wing talk radio, Fox TV, and, by far, most importantly, the content on the Opinion page of the Southeast Missourian.

Foreign aid

Isn't it about time we stopped the foreign aid to other countries? No. 1, we can no longer afford it; No. 2, where are they when we have a disaster? I am so sick of the TV ads saying send money to the hungry children overseas, when we have children here in this country, even right here in this city, going to bed hungry. It is time we took care of our own and let the other countries do the same. As the old saying goes, "Charity begins at home."

Voting problems

I can't believe all the corruption that is going on with our elections. This all needs to be stopped. There should be a nationwide set of rules that every state has to go by. Now every state has different rules and some have been changing them to better a candidate. Also, there is false information getting out to the voters. If there was one set of rules for all states, then everybody would know how and when to vote. There should be plenty of time for people to be able to vote. There are problems with the electronic voting machines being reported. Maybe the best is paper ballots with ink pens. The elections have become a thing of who has the most money and who can buy the votes.

Fed up

I have about had it with Scott City schools and their double standards for students at their school. The special needs kids get overlooked all the time and the parents are blamed when the school doesn't hold up their end of IEP plans and goals. I am so fed up.

Early voting

Why should people vote before election day except for absentee ballots? What if the person you vote for died, or what if you died? How can things be right? What is going on in our country?

Postage price

The caller must be richer than me because I think 45 cents for a stamp is enough, and it's time to put a freeze on it. I certainly think 45 cents is enough.

Consulate attack

I have worried about the state of our country for quite some time. I've been upset since the embassy was attacked. I think the president is responsible for the death of the ambassador and those men. He was told three days before that they needed reinforcements and he paid them no attention and went about his campaigning. He is a liar from the start.

Campaign finance

Is Boehner going to put on a big tear-jerking show like he did the last time? It sure is a surprise of him getting elected again, as he was the big leader of the 10 percent club and tax cuts for the 1 percent. But with the Supreme Court letting all the big corporations finance campaigns, it is no wonder. Money buys anything, but not happiness. The Supreme Court let the people down.

Inside voices

I just read a Speak Out about food for thought. When you go to a restaurant and you're having a meal and you have friends come and join you, please remember that you are all in a public place and not in the privacy of your own home where people around you are trying to enjoy a meal. I've always taught my children to use inside voices at the dinner table and they've taught that to my grandchildren. Please don't get too loud at restaurants.

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