Speak Out 11/11/12

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Role models?

Two pictures recently appeared in area newspapers that bother me to no end. One was in the Southeast Missourian showing the mayor of Cape throwing out the dice on a table in the new casino the day it opened. The other one, in the Southern Illinoisan, was of President Obama campaigning in New Hampshire in a bar, and reaching for his beer on the bar. I ask you, what kind of a signal does this send to our youth for these officials to be throwing dice and reaching for a beer? This is not displaying a good role model for youth. I would think the mayor of Cape could have been photographed doing something else at the opening rather than throwing dice.

Raises, taxes

A year ago there was enough money in Cape Girardeau County that officials voted themselves raises. Now they are in need of money and want to raise taxes on county residents.

Rescue line

Mitt Romney threw us a rescue line, and we kicked it away.

Romney, Trump

Gov. Romney's gracious concession speech was much welcomed and stands in sharp contrast to Donald Trump's psychotic call for revolution. Hopefully, Republican and Democratic officeholders around the nation will heed Gov. Romney's words and renew a much needed sense of bipartisanship.

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