Speak Out 11/9/12

Friday, November 9, 2012

Homeless shelter

I think the first project for Cape Girardeau to do with the casino money is to fix up the old federal building for the homeless and really get a good place for them and keep it up.

Gambling addictions

Isn't it wonderful? The new casino will employ at least 450 people. Yet they didn't mention how many gambling addictions will cause homelessness.

Opinion pages

Up until the recent Sunday edition of the Southeast Missourian, the fastest I had ever opened and closed the Opinion page was 2.23 seconds. However, I shattered the record Sunday when I closed it in 1.12 seconds after seeing two pages plastered with presumably desperate pleas to just give Mitt a chance.

Country music

In Speak Out someone called about the disgusting ads and sexual content. It's not just in the ads. Country music has been taken over by writers and producers who push the singers to sing about sex. Instead of singing songs like they did the last century, they have to scream now. There are a lot of noisy drums, and you don't get any good country music.

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