Out of the past 11/8/12

Thursday, November 8, 2012


The Salvation Army celebrates its homecoming weekend, featuring special guests Ralph and Bonita Spicer, former Cape Girardeau corps officers.

A Cape Girardeau man eludes an Illinois state trooper by jumping off a pier of the Mississippi River bridge following a high speed chase around 5:40 p.m.; the chase begins in East Cape Girardeau, Ill., where the trooper attempts to stop two men on a motorcycle; they overturn the motorcycle on the bridge, and the passenger is arrested; however, the driver escapes by climbing onto a pier and jumping into the river.


Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of former President Franklin Roosevelt, died in her Manhattan apartment last night; Girardeans recall she made a visit here in 1957, speaking at the meeting of the Southeast Missouri Teachers Association.

Approximately 1,000 persons attend the third annual Farmers Appreciation Night held at the Arena Building; guest speaker is Chester Lauck of Houston, the "Lum" of the old "Lum and Abner" comedy team.


Cape Girardeau Teachers College Indians have made the list of "major" football teams that remain undefeated and untied; however, the local team is the only one on the list with an uncrossed goal line.

Purchase of a 2-acre site for the new Superior Electric factory in Cape Girardeau is authorized by the board of directors of the chamber of commerce; the site on Independence Street is being purchased from the Cape Girardeau Press Brick Co..


A telegram from St. Louis advises that the suit against the Houck railroad management, in which president Giboney Houck and the superintendent and road master had been convicted and fined in Federal Court a year ago for obstructing government work, has been affirmed by the U.S. Court of Appeals; the controversy centered around a dispute between the Cape Girardeau & Thebes Terminal Railroad and the builders of the government levee south of here.

John F. Hughes, circuit judge from Pierre, S.D., is in the city, the guest of the Rev. F.J. Walsh of St. Vincent's College.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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