Speak Out 11/8

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thank you

This is a thank-you note. A couple paid for our breakfast at a local restaurant and we didn't get to thank them. I hope they see this and know we're thankful.

New cemetery

I think Cape Girardeau needs a new cemetery somewhere. It looks like it's expanding into the park where the children play. That has to be a little spooky seeing graves when you go down slides.

County tax

I'm calling about the property tax the county commission is trying to levy on the county residents. A year ago they voted themselves a raise and they are averaging $70,000, and now we're coming short. I don't understand how they can tax for big raises while people are trying to pay their bills. Times are hard on everyone and they should assume some of the responsibility.

Tobacco, alcohol

I have not smoked since 1995, but I am amazed by those who are constantly bullying those who smoke. Let's look at alcohol. Why not add a $2 a bottle tax on a six-pack? You will never see that. It seems like there's too much money paid to lawyers and judges as to why things are the way they are.

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