Out of the past 11/6/12

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


The city and the SEMO District Fair Association are looking at jointly acquiring an air-supported structure; Southeast Missouri State University has offered to give the "bubble" to the city, provided the city pay for the cost of moving it; the structure would be set up at Arena Park.

Cape Girardeau taxpayers will be getting only one tax bill this year, and will make just one payment as a result of an agreement between the city and Cape Girardeau County; for the first time, the county will collect both the county and city tax bills.


A request by Bill Klaproth for a license to operate a tavern at 616 Good Hope St. has sent the city council on a new discussion of its liquor licensing policy; the city by ordinance limits licenses for package and by-the-drink sales to 12 each, a restriction that has led to problems in deciding who will receive available licenses.

George H. Moore, 84, retired federal court judge of St. Louis, died yesterday at a St. Louis hospital; Moore presided for the terms of federal court in Cape Girardeau for a number of years.


Representatives of the chamber of commerce and Superior Electric have signed a contract that will bring the electric appliance company to Cape Girardeau.

Tackled hard in the third quarter of yesterday's game between the State College Indians and the Carbondale Maroons at Carbondale, Ill., Charles Buffa was injured while substituting at quarterback for George Godwin; he received a fracture of the transverse process of the first, second and third lumbar vertebra.


While returns from yesterday's general election are incomplete, it appears four Democrats in Cape Girardeau County were elected: Robert G. Ranney for Common Pleas Court judge, W.H. Summers for sheriff, C.C. Oliver for representative and George H. Barks for county judge.

Although it is impossible to say for certain, it appears the special road district for Cape Girardeau township carried in Tuesday's balloting; while it passed in the West End and Steimle precincts, it was badly beaten at Pecan Grove, where the Houck interests and influence is said to have worked against it.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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