Speak Out 11/6/12

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

God's coloring book

Look around at the beautiful fall colors and you can see God's coloring book. Thank you.

Thank you

Thank you, Southeast Missourian, for addressing the ballot issues that we will vote on. I had seen these four items recently on an absentee ballot and was wondering how I could learn more. That weekend (Oct. 21) you gave an easy-to-read synopsis of each issue, as I had hoped you would. Thanks, again.

Casino's impact

The casino's impact might surprise the mayor. Most people will go to the casino, gamble, eat there and leave from there. That is what has happened in all the other towns. I doubt if they have that magic touch that is going to change anything. Look for local businesses, jobs and homes lost. And also marriages.

Broadway parking

If the people who live or work on Broadway would not park in front of their stores there would be plenty of room for customers.


A community survey went out in the Altenburg area. Only certain families or people got them. Will this be representative of how the people feel? The first survey went out with errors and it was not sent to everyone. People here feel their comments will be omitted as well as their input. This was confirmed by two different surveys being sent and to whom it was sent. Was this a waste of money?

Jackson football

Congratulations to the Jackson football team for winning the district! However, Jackson will have to win state every year in order to justify paying the exorbitant salary to its head coach. Do taxpayers realize what their money is funding in Jackson?


How is the city going to snow plow over all that brick work? And it cut down severely on parking spaces. And who is going to keep all those trees trimmed back to keep Broadway clear enough for two cars to meet on the street and for people to walk down it? I feel that money could have been spent much better on putting reflectors on William Street out by the mall and Walmart. On that portion of the highway it is so hard to see the dividing lines at night and especially in the rain.

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