Sponsors needed for abandoned kittens

Monday, November 5, 2012

Sponsors needed for abandoned kittens


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While dumping unwanted animals out in the country is one of the most inhumane things anyone can do, it's probably the good fortune of 11 kittens and three mother cats that they were dumped where they were.

Carolyn Thielemann, who loves cats, found a box of 10 kittens in her yard near Arrowhead Park in late June. The kittens were three or four days old. A day or so later, she found another kitten, bringing the total to seven females and four males. Eventually, the feral mother cats appeared, and Thielemann encouraged the mother cats to stay and feed their litters.

The kittens are now about four months old, and living in Thielemann's home; her own adult cats reluctantly put up with the tiny intruders.

"They're precious," Thielemann said. "I've got them litter trained."

The mostly gray kittens are healthy, active, and almost ready to be adopted. Thielemann wants to have the kittens vaccinated and spayed or neutered before she gives them away to just the right homes.

Tilsit Road Animal Clinic in Jackson has an account set up so people can donate toward the cost of caring for the kittens. Thielemann said about a half dozen people have signed on to sponsor the care, feeding and medical attention of a kitten each.

"Any amount anyone wants to give will be appreciated," she said.

Safe Harbor Animal Shelter in Fruitland has been providing the kitten chow which costs about $100 a month. Thielemann has been bearing the cost of 30 to 40 pounds of cat litter a week, and says it will take between $900 and $1,000 to pay for the vaccinations and spaying or neutering.

Anyone who wants to donate toward the costs of helping the abandoned kittens may call Tilsit Road Animal Clinic at 573-243-2010 and ask how to donate, or drop by the clinic with a donation in Thielemann's name.

"If I have any money left over, I'll get the mamas spayed," Thielemann said.

The mamas are feral, but the kittens are friendly and in need of responsible owners to adopt them.

And they're all really cute.

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