Mo. Farm Bureau: We didn't authorize robocalls

Monday, November 5, 2012

Robocalls to potential Missouri voters stating the Missouri Farm Bureau's opposition of Proposition B are unauthorized, according to a statement released by the organization's president Monday.

"While Missouri Farm Bureau has communicated to our members our opposition to Proposition B because it taxes a specific agricultural commodity, we did not authorize the use of Missouri Farm Bureau's name in robocalls," said Blake Hurst in an emailed statement. "It is offensive to us that we were not consulted on the use of our name in robocalls by the opponents of Proposition B, and we would never have given our permission. Robocalls are irritating to many people, and we are unfortunately hearing the backlash from voters. Citizens who are offended by the robocalls should contact the ones responsible, namely the Missouri Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association."

The passage of Proposition B would result in a new tax of .0365 per cigarette, 5 percent of the manufacturer's invoice price for roll-your-own tobacco and 15 percent for other tobacco products in Missouri. Revenue from the increase would be put into a health and education trust fund to go to schools and smoking prevention and cessation programs.

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