Speak Out 11/2/12

Friday, November 2, 2012

Gary Johnson

Libertarian candidate for president Gary Johnson may serve a useful purpose in helping deny the presidency to Mitt Romney.

No ticket rip-offs

Again this year, the MSHSAA state volleyball championships are being held at the Show Me Center. This draws parents and fans from all over Missouri. SEMO collects revenue from parking fees that are unnecessary. Let's present our city and university with pride, not as a "rip-off" to our visitors.

Change places?

I would bet big money that all of these liberals complaining about how much money Mitt Romney has would change places with him in a minute if they could.

Tobacco tax

I saw where they're going to raise taxes on a pack of cigarettes by 75 cents and the money will be used for public schools and universities. So shouldn't they take down their no smoking signs and encourage smoking to get more revenue?


One only has to have ears to hear what Obama has to say. I watched the debate and it didn't change who I was going to vote for whatsoever. I don't appreciate Romney equating our president to his children growing up when this is the president who saved us from the depression we were headed toward after George W. Bush.

Obama's record

I have a message for all Obama supporters. They can be so proud of their choice because we have the highest gas prices, the highest grocery prices, the highest unemployment and the highest number of people on welfare; food pantries are empty and they think he's done a wonderful job. I'd like for someone to enlighten me and tell me how that means he's done anything for the American people in the last four years and why he will make it any better in the next four.

Cigarette tax

I've been reading the paper with such anticipation, especially for that tax with cigarettes helping children. Makes me wonder what we did before there were cigarettes.

Guarding Arlington

Hurricane Sandy slammed the East Coast and the federal government shut down, but the U.S. servicemen who guard the outdoor Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery remained on duty. "They will not abandon their post," an employee who answered the Arlington Cemetery's phone confirmed to Yahoo News. You sure don't see Congress members doing anything but abandoning their duties. They should all be replaced with military service personnel who will put our country first.

Spit the truth

I am calling in reference to the spoiled nation Speak Out comment that said, "If Obama jumped up and down and spat silver, we'd want gold." I honestly could not care about the gold. I would just want him to spit the truth for once.

Debates, presidential

I do not choose the president by if he is a good debater or not. That has nothing to do with if he is going to be a good president.

Higher co-pays

President Obama, thanks for putting in the birth control measures that were supposed to be free. Because of it, my insurance has gone up $40 a week, plus I have to pay higher co-pays because it was added. Thanks a lot.

Biden's antics

Joe Biden's antics were the combination between the classroom clown and schoolyard bully.

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