Thursday, November 1, 2012
The penny that found its way home, aside its printed counterpart.

Master Printmaker, Margaret Craig, Chair of the Printmaking Department at San Antonio, Texas, Southwest School of Art is in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, for the Mid America Print Council conference at Southeast Missouri State University (Nov. 1-3 at the River Campus).

12 years ago, Margaret Craig etched 125 drawings onto 125 pennies. She made 5 large prints of 25 pennies each, and then began scattering the pennies across the globe. They have been dropped and spent in San Antonio and other Texas cities, as well as Laurel, MD, Seattle, WA, Madison WI, France, Germany, and Florence, Italy.

By chance, one penny made it back to her. A new friend had discovered it several years earlier and placed it in a penny jar. In celebration of this event, Margaret Craig decided to give one of the five prints to the finder.

About 50 pennies will still be distributed,some in the Cape Girardeau area.

If you find one of the pennies, you can claim one of the 4 remaining prints. Rules will be posted at

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