Young entrepreneurs

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

There is value in work, and not just monetarily. There's a feeling of accomplishment, and an even stronger desire to care for the fruits of your labor. Three local children have learned this through an entrepreneurial venture.

Two summers ago, Kayleigh, Lizzie and Jeffrey Turk were excited to check out Cape Splash, Cape Girardeau's new water park. The children, according to their mother, Suzanna Long, were hoping to get summer passes.

Though Long said she could have found a way to make this happen, she had a better idea: have the children earn the money for the passes.

The parents decided to invest $50 into a soda, candy and brownie stand the children would run. If successful, the youngsters could keep the profits.

They were successful and the three have continued to sell goods for the past two years. Each summer they earned more money.

Last week at a school awards ceremony the young entrepreneurs were recognized by James Stapleton, director of Southeast Missouri State University's Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Stapleton commended the children, saying the skills they learned would help them going forward.

We're impressed with the Turk children. They wanted something and worked for it. Hats off to their parents as well.

We know there are other children who have done similar things, like lemonade stands. It's never too early to learn important lessons like this. And with the mindset of working for what you have, the children will be better off in the years ahead.

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