Speak Out 10/30/12

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Liberals are saying the economy's improving. Four years after George Bush left the office I am paying $1 more for gasoline and am now unemployed. How can that be an improvement?

Florida, Virginia

I can't allow Speak Out readers in Florida and Virginia to be fooled. A recent commentator tried to leave a false -- dare I say dirty trick -- impression that President Obama's campaign is giving up on Florida and Virginia. Speak Out should never be used for such nefarious purposes. As far as giving up on these states, it's the Romney campaign.

Christmas decorations

We were driving down Broadway tonight admiring the new streetlights and landscaping -- it's very nice. I am wondering -- more like hoping -- that Cape is springing for new holiday lighting and decorations for Broadway and downtown. I think it would be a great finishing touch to have really outstanding Christmas decorations this Christmas to go along with all the other sprucing up that has been going on in this town all year.

Hannity, polls

Brief civics lesson. In falsely claiming that Mitt Romney has a commanding lead in the race for the presidency, what propaganda techniques is Sean Hannity attempting to employ? 1. Identification (If Sean said it, it must be true). 2. Bandwagon (Join us, voters! Be on the winning side!). 3. The big lie (Tell it enough and voters might believe and act on it). In reality, Mitt's brief surge has lost momentum and the electoral math favors Obama.

Campaign funds

Since Obama has claimed to raise near $1 billion in campaign funding, he should make a nice contribution to balance our budget.

Good Samaritan

I'm an elderly woman living alone on my block in Cape Girardeau, and I have two other such ladies living in the same block. We are very fortunate to have a great neighbor. Every morning as he walks the family dog, he takes the time to bring our newspapers to our doors. Weather is no detriment. Sunshine or rain, snow or ice. He helps us physically, but he also lifts our spirits with his neighborly assistance. He's our own Good Samaritan and one for whom we are very grateful.

Good sports

It's 6 a.m., dark out ant 38 degrees. There's people outside running for exercise. Now those are some good sports.

Scooters, helmets

I want to thank the young person on a black scooter who I was on the same road with around the university. You were wearing a helmet, and I didn't see you and I would have run into you if the sun hadn't shone off the helmet. Those things are so dangerous, and it gives me the shivers to think about hitting someone and hurting them. Anyone who shares the road with cars should be wearing a helmet. Please, if you're not going to do it for yourself, do it for the rest of us who are afraid of hurting you.

President's record

I would just like to thank President Obama for all his accomplishments: doubling the price of gas in less than three years, decimating the U.S. economy, vastly increasing the number of able bodied people on welfare. How could you ever hope to get a second term with a track record like this. Go Mitt Romney. I would also like to thank Obama's handmaidens in the media who are carrying his water and who have intentionally downplayed his abysmal failure.

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