Letter to the Editor

No response from administration

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

In 2011, President Obama used Navy Seals to take out Osama bin Laden. Since then, Americans have repeatedly seen the photo of the president in the situation room watching that Navy Seal operation.

On Sept. 11, 2012, America's consulate in Benghazi, Libya, considered sovereign territory, came under attack. Once again the president and his security team were summoned to the situation room to witness the heroic actions of two retired Navy Seal team members. These Seals were outnumbered and outgunned by Islamic militants and sent requests up the chain for military support.

President Obama, the only person with the authority to give that order, never responded with air support, and Americans will never see a situation room photo from that tragic day.

The similarities of the two Navy Seal operations are now clear. Both were watched in real time by drone technology eliminating the Hillary Clinton "fog of war" excuse and Leon Panetta's "putting troops in harm's way" excuse.

The death of bin Laden was a victory for President Obama, but the deaths of four American patriots could be political suicide just before an election.

When you cast your vote for Commander-in-Chief next Tuesday, remember two things.

When President Obama needed help to take out Osama bin Laden, he called on Navy Seal commandos.

When two Navy Seals called on President Obama and their commanders for help, they were denied, and they paid the ultimate sacrifice.