Cancer awareness

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

During the month of October there's much attention paid to breast cancer. We celebrate with those who have survived and remember the ones who have died.

Many who have been affected in some way by the disease wear pink during the month, and businesses often display a pink flag or light for the cause.

Others have rallied to support research and those who have struggled against other forms of cancer.

Earlier this month two local motorcycle riders sought out to raise cancer awareness in general. Brian Winans and Mike Taylor, both of McClure Ill., participated in the Cancer Aware Harley Dare. The plan was to ride their motorcycles from Southeast Missouri to Florida -- a 1,000 mile ride -- in less than 24 hours.

This was a daunting challenge, but the two men reached their goal in only 20 hours.

While Winans and Taylor do encourage individuals to consider donating to cancer-related charities, they hope the challenge encourages others to reach out as well.

Maybe it's taking a friend to a doctor's appointment, spending time with a victim, or financially assisting with medical expenses or cancer research. However you can help is appreciated.

Hats off to Winans and Taylor for their creative efforts. We don't all have to drive a Harley for 20 hours in the elements to raise cancer awareness. However, each of us should be challenged to help those fighting the disease in some way.

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