River Delivery Service Adds Comfort to Crews Away

Monday, October 29, 2012
Craiglow's River Delivery, LLC - boat in action.

Potato chips, peanut butter, razors, magazines - what could a crew member need while serving a tour on a river boat? These things and so much more are what can be delivered by Craiglow's River Delivery, LLC.

For over a year, Jon Craiglow, of Jackson, Missouri has offered delivery service to the crews of barge lines in the areas from Chester, Illinois to Cairo, Illinois. These services include grocery and supply delivery as well as transportation services of crews to and from the boats.

Craiglow has served the past 19 years as a crew member for various companies and now a pilot of a major barge line. He discovered the need for a service, such as the one his business provides, after talking with crew members and realizing nothing like this existed in the area.

Craiglow, along with his nephew, Tyler Craiglow, and his sister, Laurel Craiglow, take care of the daily operations of the business and look for new ways to improve the business' ability to serve the needs of the crews of barge lines in the areas.

The operation consists of one boat and two family members who assist Craiglow while he is on duty with the barge line. Requests for items will be taken and the orders are fulfilled and delivered on a specific schedule. Crew members who need transportation services can count on Craiglow's River Delivery to make certain they reach their destination in a timely manner.

Unique services such as this make the life of a crew member much easier. Knowing that he or she can have the goods needed while away from home, as well as, the confidence in transportation to and from the barge makes the long time from home much easier to handle.

Craiglow likes to joke, "We deliver anything you need - except babies!" He states that the business is rapidly growing and he adds new services to the business as he sees the need arise.

For anyone who is interested in receiving more information on this businesses and the services provided, please contact Jon Craiglow at 573-382-5805 or at joncraiglow@att.net. Check out the website for more details - www.craiglowboatstore.com. Craiglow will be happy to assist the needs of crew members to the best of his ability.

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