Speak Out 10/26/12

Friday, October 26, 2012

Food for thought

I work at a small restaurant with very limited tables. When customers come in to eat and stay for an hour or an hour and a half after finishing their meal, I don't think they realize that the waitress has just lost wages for the day. If you are going to stay and visit for a long time, that is fine, but then you should tip appropriately for taking a table that could have served several more customers. I love to go to lunch and visit for awhile, but I always leave a much better tip for the server. Just a little food for thought.

Great mail service

One of my neighbors is a United States Postal employee. Rain or shine, snow or sleet, zero or 100 degrees, he pulls out of his driveway no later than 6:25 a.m. to be on the job, arriving home at various times due to the volume on that particular day. Anything that will not fit in my mailbox is brought to my front door with absolute courtesy. Personally, I believe that the U.S. mail is one of the most economical items in my budget. And what a joy to receive letters from loved ones far away, at a total cost of 45 cents.

Bush to McGovern

When it comes to foreign policy, Mitt Romney has been able to successfully channel everything from his inner George W. Bush to his inner George McGovern.

Walking in school

Recently, someone brought up the idea of walking to school. I didn't walk to school, but over the years logged more than 26,000 miles walking through the hallways to and from the principal's office.

World Series

Most readers abide by Southeast Missourian editorial recommendations in knee-jerk fashion. However, a recently published screed that I predict will live in infamy, be ignominiously ignored and cause readers to scream in anger is the one encouraging us to watch the World Series.

Gas prices

Why is the gas so high in Cape? I travel and pay $3.09 per gallon just south of St. Louis. I traveled to south Chicago and stayed for two days and saw gas range from $3.33 to $3.45 per gallon. Why is this part of the state so high I ask?

Homecoming cleanup

After seeing all the sororities, fraternities and alumni at the Homecoming Parade it seems to me a great community service project has arisen: Clean up Broadway the next day.

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