Speak Out 10/22/12

Monday, October 22, 2012

Borrowing more

Relative to the overall economy, the total American debt has sunk to a six-year low. Austerity freaks would consider this awesome. In reality, the economic times dictates that the government should be borrowing more money.

Obama, gas prices

We currently have a president who thinks that $3.60 per gallon is fine. He hasn't done anything to help curb pricing. So if you like paying twice what it was when he got in office, Obama's your guy to vote for. Funny, when George Bush was in office, he was always chastised by Democrats for being in bed with big oil. I guess Obama is too.

Corporate welfare

It may already be too late. All forms of corporate welfare (including hidden subsidies) must be banished in America or the interests of far from benign corporations will revel in permanent triumph what is in the overall best interest of U.S. society.

Clippard traffic

Something needs to be done about the traffic in front of Clippard School. The through traffic cannot get through on some days when all the vehicles are there to pick up children after school. If children won't take the bus or have a carpool, I don't know what they're going to do. They way it is now, unfortunately someone is going to lose their life without some change.

Bank flag

Thanks to Boulder Construction Company for erecting our nation's flag on the new Banterra Center on 9/11. I am proud every time I drive by!

New Broadway

I really like the feel of driving on Cape's renovated downtown Broadway, although it's a bit of a challenge because I can't see anything.

Underage drinking

So the Cape City Council voted to kick underage drinkers out of the bars at 10 p.m. My question is, "What are the doing in the bars at all?"

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