Letter to the Editor

Five reasons letter

Friday, October 19, 2012

I read the letter from the woman who gave five reasons she supported Obama. Either it's made-up or this person has been living on another planet. May I look at each point:1. He's turned the economy around; really? The actual unemployment rate has skyrocketed to 14.5 percent, when you count the people who have given up looking for jobs. He has created $6 trillion in debt in a little more than three years.

2. Increased revenue (higher taxes) and spending cuts: Yes, there will be higher taxes, but he's not shown one spending cut, except in military spending. Also, Romney has pledged not to raise taxes on the middle-class.

3. On foreign policy: Our ambassador was killed along with three other Americans. Then we find out that they'd asked for added security twice and were rejected. Although, we now know that the president had 38 hours advance warning that an attack was imminent, that Hillary Clinton briefed her staff the day after that it was a terrorist attack, that no additional security was sent and they blamed it all on a video for nine days until they could no longer hide the truth.

4. The Affordable Care Act, according to the CBO and most doctors, will bankrupt this nation.

5. As for his policy of cooperation: The people in Libya were running around burning pictures of Obama; great rapport. Hugo Chavez of Venezuela endorses him for president; he won't even meet with our best ally, Benjamin Netanyahu, or the Republicans.

RONNIE L. ALDRIDGE, Charleston, Mo.