Physical Exercises for Diabetic Patients

Physical Exercises for Diabetic Patients

Properly planned physical workout is effective in making your body strong as it increases the immunity and overall stamina of your body. It improves your cardiovascular functioning and increases the metabolism rate. Patient suffering from chronic and untreatable aliments such as diabetes which is a lifelong condition must indulge themselves in regular physical activity so that they can keep themselves safe from the complications of the disease.

Diabetic patients must participate in daily workout activities for 30 to 40 minutes so that they can stay healthy and avoid severe complications that can occur because of the syndrome.

Benefits of exercising

There are several benefits of exercising regularly most important of which is the burning of extra calories which in turn helps in the reduction of excess weight. Obesity can be the hidden factor behind several ailments and by keeping your weight normal through exercise you avoid suffering from such ailments. When you perform physical workout on a daily basis your body starts responding to insulin for burning the glucose present in our blood to produce energy. Therefore with exercise you can reduce your blood sugar level effectively without the help of medication. Exercises particularly cardios like jogging, swimming, cycling, etc. can help you in improving the health of your heart. It also helps in normalizing high blood pressure and helps in proper blood circulation throughout the body by removing blockages caused by cholesterol. With a proper exercise regime and a appropriate diet plan you can control type 2 diabetes later after initial medical treatment. Hence if you are diabetic you must exercise regularly so that you can avoid suffering from severe complications that comes along with diabetes and even control the disease to a great extent.

Exercising tips for a Diabetic Patient

If you are suffering from diabetes you must take certain precautions and abide by certain rules while performing physical workout. You must seek advice from your doctor on how to perform physical exercises safely considering your condition. Exercising and its magnitude also depend on how well you are and how much you have been effected by the disease. If your physical condition is week, doctor will recommend medication along with a proper diet plan following which you will gain better physical health and later pursue exercising. Below mentioned are some important tips that will guide you in performing physical workouts safely and effectively.

*Participate in physical exercises in the morning: Working out in the morning have several benefits as the air you breathe in the morning is fresh and free of pollution. Cardios like jogging and swimming is better in the morning than any other time of the day and helps in improving your stamina and takes care of your cardiac health.
*Warm up: Warming up is important before you start with physical workout. Warm up includes stretching of hands, legs, shoulder muscles, light jogging, etc.
*Avoid weight lifting: Weight lifting must be avoided in the initial 3 to 4 months. After 3 to 4 months of regular jogging, swimming, and other cardio exercises you instructor will guide you in lifting light weights.
*Don't put yourself in pressure: Workout only for 30 to 40 minutes as doing more than that may stress your muscles and even cause interior injuries.
*Injuries: Avoid injuries that can happen from workouts like sprains, blisters, cuts, etc. Injuries that causes bleeding can be dangerous especially when you are suffering from diabetes.

By following the above tips you can perform physical training effectively without jeopardizing with your health. If you have a particular ailment in a part of your body avoid heavy workout of the muscles present in that area. For instance if you have knee pain, cycling or swimming is a better option than jogging. With proper care and precision you can attain good health by exercising even when you are a diabetic.Doctorshealthpress