Letter to the Editor

Prayer and voting

As the election year marches on, I wonder when the politicians are going to realize they cannot solve the problems of this country -- they are not in charge. Jesus is in charge and only he can bless us out of this mess.

The Bible is full of warnings about what happens to a country when it turns its back on Jesus (as the USA has) -- the country will destroy itself. Jonah 3 is another example; Nineveh was going to be destroyed but they repented and showed their repentance with sackcloth and ashes and they were spared. So how can we save this country?

By trusting in politicians? Ha! Ha! That is a joke! We must quit being "lukewarm" and get serious about our faith.

The opposition has an endless supply of money and they will use it to buy ads everywhere. They must be stopped.

We must spread the word if we want to save this country!

We do not have sackcloth, but we do have prayer and the power to vote the "devil followers" out of office.

We can stop this destruction of our great country in just one vote!

Politicians are not stupid. They will not support abortion or any of the other immoral issue if they know it will get them voted out of office.

The First Commandment says we must love the Lord more than anything.

My question is do we really?

GERARD MACKE, Leopold, Mo.