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Bankruptcies filed through September for the Southeastern Division of the Eastern District of Missouri's U.S. Bankruptcy Court are listed below with their corresponding case number. The Southeast Division includes the counties of Bollinger, Butler, Carter, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, Shannon, Stoddard and Wayne. Court is held in Cape Girardeau.

Bollinger County

Jones, Joe H. Jr. and Jessi D.10934
Lincoln, David A. and Lezli A.10953
Jones, Bradley A. and Heather E.10963
Martin, Bobby G.10974
Cochran, Sheila M.10993

Butler County

Mayberry, Tharon D. and Phyllis D.10906
King, William D.10927
Butler, Allen E. and Sherri L.10939
Talcott, Lelia S.10954
Welch, William C. and Connie L.10960
Johnson, Carrie L.10962
Weston, Crystal D.10965
Watson, Daniel C.10981
Barger, Amanda L.10984

Cape Girardeau County

Newman, John T. and Paula K.10896
Carter, Johnny L. II and Pamela S.10898
Carter, Thomas J. Jr.10899
Goodpasture, Barbara J.10905
Jerrolds, Elsie A.10907
Cripps, Donnie L.10908
Jones, Ashley G.10916
Owen, Gina L.10917
Smith, Kevin L.10918
King, Shawn 10924
Foster, Timothy C. and Cheri S.10931
Williams, Anita T.10933
Reed, Austin J.10942
Hooe, Corey L.10946
Whitmore, Donald J. and Linda C.10961
Floyd, April M.10967
Ray, Lisa A.10968
Newell, Misty R.10975
Thurman, Benjamin P. and DeShannon R.10980
Lincoln, Mary T.10987
Keller, Christopher S. and Billie K.10989
Simington, Jason M.10994

Carter County

Clay, Charles R. and Carolyn A.10979

Dunklin County

Stacy, Doyle R.10909
Jarred, Barry and Leticia10912
Crain, Melanie D.10920
Joiner, Linda K.10921
Swims, John M. and Hope R.10922
Williams, Jerry D. and Pamela J.10940
Warf, Harold10944
Long, Robert L. and Lianne L.10970
Hollis, Jerry A.10988
Martinez, Elisa10996
Tune, Debra10997

Madison County

Crowder, Marcus S. and Angelia D.10902
Crump, Timothy L.10903
Adams, Matthew B. and Brandi E.10904
Grindstaff, Jason A. and Peggy L.10937
Cooper, Jeffrey B.10952
Atzert, Deborah M.10991
Ballew, Jerry A. Sr. and Judy C.10992

Mississippi County

Lee, Bobby L.10926
Rowe, Moses C. and Takaya D.10936

New Madrid County

Barton, Randy D.10923
Chaney, Michael C. and Karla F.10947
Wren, Mary M.10957
Day, Patrick A.10964
Moore, Eddy W. and Donna M.10983
Pruitt, Ralph D.10990

Pemiscot County

Bryant, Lisa C.10910
Horner, David W.10911
White, Debbie R.10943
Merryman, Billy10995

Perry County

Pohlman, Leon D. and Nancy M.10928
Holder, Theresa A.10951
Barber, Anna L.10956
French, Michael D. and Leslie M.10973

Reynolds County

Vincent, Beverley A.10901
Helt, Samuel T.10976

Ripley County

Klementovich, Henry J. and Melissa K.10932
Barton, Kurry S. and Melissa L.10955
Barker, Jackie L. and Kathy E.10958
Spears, Tara L.10959
Hamilton, Melissa D.10966
Stout, Mark L.10986

Scott County

Davidson, Janet M.10895
Terrell, Christine E.10913
Johnson, Thomas F. and Carol L.10914
Nichol, Frank M. Jr. and Jessica J.10919
Tyler, Robert K. and Teiffney D.10935
Conn, Thomas A.10938
Bolden, Cory J.10945
Anthony, Heather M.10969
Scherer, Gerald L. and Judy A.10971
Bell, Richard J. and Charlene M.10972
Mabury, Shayn R.10985

Stoddard County

Hale, Katrina G.10925
Oshia, Gary W.10929
Murphy, Tonia E.10930
Craft, Flossie L.10948
Hopkins, Sherrie A. and Johnny L.10949
Parkman, Timmy L.10950
Crabtree, Agnes D.10977
Summers, Deborah R.10978
Lykins, James L.10982

Wayne County

Henson, Ronald E. and Rita J.10897
Clubb, Jeremy M. and Renita L.10915
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