Oak Ridge Boys entertain crowd at River Campus

Sunday, October 14, 2012

On Friday evening the internationally known Oak Ridge Boys sang 611 fans through four decades of award-winning music at the Bedell Performance Hall in Cape Girardeau.

Starting the night off with "The Boys Are Back" the group had audience participation in mind. Fans clapped and sang along to blended harmonies as the group sang "Come On In, Take Your Coat Off" and "American Made."

"It was fantastic," said Brucee Woods of Cape Girardeau.

Joe Bonsall jumped, skipped and danced around the stage during the show.

"We are the Oak Ridge Boys and we've been entertaining you, not for years," Bonsall said. "For Decades".

Bonsall sang "Sacrifice For Me," a song about military personnel that have made the supreme sacrifice for our freedoms. As the song ended the audience rose to their feet and many people were wiping tears away as they showed their appreciation for the lyrics and the tribute.

The show was interactive, with the vocal group talking about people they have talked with or tweeted with electronically.

At one point between songs Bonsall pointed out a father singing the words to the songs in his daughter's ear.

"That's why we're still around," Bonsall said.

A young couple from Sedgewickville, Mo., Diana and Kendall Koch, were singled out during the show. They are expecting a baby in early December.

"It was awesome," said Kendall. "We've seen them before with other groups. This time it was just them. It was extremely entertaining. The best show I've ever been to, and I've been to a lot. They really enjoy themselves up there. Very energetic."

Diana said, "It was very interactive, they relate to you. They referred to the baby several times during the show."

The roots of the group are in gospel music, successfully crossing over into country in the late '70s. For the past 30 years they have been backed by the Mighty Oaks Band.

The recognizable bass of Richard Sterban led the way for the popular song 'Dream On'.

"It was absolutely awesome," said Marcia Williamson of Cape Girardeau.

Duane Allen sang a new song titled "I Get To." The lyrics talk about responsibilities previously viewed as "have tos" that are now a privilege because changing circumstances offer a different perspective.

William Lee Golden with his trademark long beard and hair sang songs like "Back Home Again," "Beautiful Bluebird" and "Red Dirt Highway."

The group has had a busy schedule with touring and putting out three albums this past year. They are getting ready to begin their 23rd annual Christmas tour which will take them all over the country, getting them home to Tennessee on Dec. 23.

Bonsall has two books to his credit, "G.I. Joe and Lillie" and "From My Perspective."

Sterban has a book titled "From Elvis to Elvira: My Life On Stage."

Pertinent address:

518 S. Fountain St., Cape Girardeau, MO

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