SUV crashes in Scott City yard

Sunday, October 14, 2012
Denise Stevens sent in this photo of the damage from an SUV crashing in her Scott City yard on Thursday, Oct. 11, 2012. (Submitted photo)

A Scott City woman said she's slowly getting her shock about the damage to her yard caused by an SUV that crashed there Thursday.

"I was inside when it happened," said Denise Stevens. "My husband came and told me that we had a new car out in the yard."

Stevens and her husband were both at home when a Chevy Blazer came to a stop on their property after it ran into a tree located at the side of their home. The vehicle also damaged a cedar fence and knocked over several yard items, including a barbecue grill and a canvas overhang.

"It was something else," Stevens said. "I have no idea as to why they couldn't stop that vehicle. Thank God it didn't hit the house or otherwise they were on target to hit where I like to sit."

According to Scott City Police Department spokesman Kyle Feldmann, a Chevy Blazer carrying a driver and a passenger had turned off Hickory Street and onto Maple around 2 p.m. Thursday. The driver allegedly experienced difficulty getting the vehicle to slow down, and the vehicle struck a tree when it ran off the street and continued across a nearby field. The vehicle then went up an incline before it hit another tree, this time on the Stevens' property located at 407 E. Olive St.

The vehicle had to be towed from the crash scene, and both the driver and passenger were uninjured but were taken to a hospital for observation. Their names have not been released, and no charges have been filed by the Scott City police at this time.

"I can't speculate as to what happened," Feldmann said, "but the driver did report that she had been pumping the brakes in an attempt to get the vehicle to stop. I can't say for sure if the SUV was out of control, but it was surely going fast enough to do what it did."

Stevens is trying to take the incident in stride.

"I'm looking at the bright side," she said. "No one was hurt. When it comes to something as freaky as this, you've got to have faith and a sense of humor."


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