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Friday, October 12, 2012

Family weekend

This is regarding family weekend at Southeast Missouri State University. As a parent of a student, I participated in the family day festivities, and I want to thank the departments that put that on; it was such a festive environment. It was very welcoming. I also participated in the tour, and living in the Cape Girardeau area I learned about the university and River Campus. It was a great addition. It was all so very well done. I want to say thank you to the people who put on the events.

Meg Herndon

I'm one of the many people who loved and will miss Meg Herndon. I think one of the best things to do for her memory is to have a helmet law in the city of Cape Girardeau.

Obama vacations

I was reading a comment about [Mitt] Romney playing the king in Speak Out. I wonder what this caller thinks about Michelle Obama and her daughters spending millions of dollars on vacations. Do you really think that's allowable. No president in history has spent that much on vacations. Our president is too busy campaigning to meet our only ally in the Middle East according to him. This is absolutely ridiculous.

Housing problem

I watched the debate and Obama was full of the same old lies. The only thing Obama said that was true was the recession was caused by the housing bubble. This was the loaning of money to people who could not repay their loans. These housing loans were started by Bill Clinton. Bush tried 17 times to stop these housing loans but was stopped by the Democrats, Barney Frank and Obama. Obama will be the worst president in history.

October fundraising

It seems October is the most used month for getting donations to various health and mental problems. I would love to help more, but my paycheck only goes so far. I wish you would work together and spread your activities over the 12 months the year provides us. Best of luck to all of you to reach your goal.

Capitalism model

The real conflict in our- and many other-countries today is not between capitalism and socialism or communism. The conflict is over what is the best model of capitalism. Free-market fundamentalists continue to make a case convincing to many, even though that economic philosophy caused the financial meltdown of 2008. The best model seems to be one where government, NGOs concerned with economic and social well being, small business, and multinational corporations all cooperate in promoting the overall contentment and happiness for the citizenry. It will not be an easy task, but we must be up to the challenge.

Casino, drought

Due to the drought conditions, will there be enough river water to "float" the new casino floor?

Need helmets

We are all sad about the Southeast soccer player losing her life. Helmets should definitely be a requirement for their safety. It's sad to read about these accidents.

Obama's priorities

I can't figure out our president. We have all of this bad stuff going on and he can't find time to speak to the head of Israel, but he has time to go on The View. Go figure.

Growing rice

Rice isn't new in Southeast Missouri. It was back in the 50s and 60s; it was growing out east of Kelly High School. They grew acres of it back then.

Commission meetings

The County Commission will not have a meeting because of nothing on the agenda. We are a first-class county and there is nothing to do? This seems to be more frequent. Will their pay be reduced? Mine would be. I'm sure this is another political perk. These are your county leaders. Go to their meetings, they are there to serve. Learn who has the nerve to say no. You have to have checks and balances or you will have a deficit.

Student housing?

With more and more university classes available online, will we really need to build more student housing?

The .01 percent

It is a gross overgeneralization to say the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans are ruining our nation. It is the wealthiest .01 percent.

Jobs report

We are supposed to believe that unemployment has magically gone down to 7.8 percent, but this is the Obama administration we are talking about. He controls the Bureau of Labor Statistics and you really think he is going to tell the truth about unemployment in an election year? The number is more accurately 11 percent. After all the lies he has told I am very surprised anyone believes a thing coming from his administration.

In a hurry

I work at a local full-service restaurant in Cape Girardeau. Every day at lunch we have customers come in and before I can greet the customers and ask what they want to drink, the first words that come out are, "I'm in a hurry." If you're in a hurry, what are you doing in a full-service restaurant? Go to a fast-food restaurant. That's rude. Everybody's in a hurry.

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