Car convention

Electric cars were on full display last month for the Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention in Cape Girardeau. The 2nd annual event drew almost 200 people from across the globe to the city.

Capping off the weekend was a car show in Capaha Park. According to organizers, about 1,000 people were on hand to check out the 40 cars converted to run on electricity.

Richard Flentge, the convention manager, said Cape Girardeau's convention is unique in that it combines the trade shows and car shows.

"It's grown and the level of competition is much higher than last year," Flentge said in a recent Southeast Missourian story. "It's growing in numbers, and [people] are putting a lot more into cars. The bar of competition in EV conversion is certainly being raised."

The convention is the brainchild of Cape Girardeau entrepreneur Jack Rickard. In Rickard's introduction letter to attendees he wrote, in part:

"I personally, deeply, and viscerally believe that harnessing the forces of magnetic drive and atomic level battery chemistry can and will revolutionize personal transportation worldwide. The advantages are just too obvious and overwhelming. I am personally committed for the remainder of days allotted to me to furthering that cause."

Rickard has a passion for electric vehicle conversion and his efforts to spotlight it have certainly been important in the development and awareness of the technology.

Hats off to Rickard and all those who helped make this convention happen. Alternative sources of energy will be increasingly important in the years ahead. With efforts like this, more people are learning about the conversion technology and how they might be able to use it.