Breast cancer survivor stories: Carolyn Woods

Friday, October 12, 2012
Carolyn Woods (Laura Simon)

Age diagnosed: 71

Years battling breast cancer: One; was diagnosed in October 2011.

The hardest part: Well, I think fear entered my mind first. When you hear the word "cancer," you're kind of scared. Then I thought, "Do I have to have chemotherapy?" That scared me, just thinking about the treatments I was going to go through. I had two surgeries, lumpectomy. I didn't have to have my breast removed. The surgeon said he got it all, but for a precaution did 15 rounds of chemo and 30 rounds of radiation. I finished chemo May 31 and radiation in August. Now I'm growing my hair back. I lost it twice.

Advice for others: I tell everyone to get a mammogram. I was diagnosed early, or it would have been worse. ... And I just would say to be aware. I didn't have any cancer in my family whatsoever. It came up on me; it can come up on anyone. Be cautious. Get mammograms on a regular basis.