Speak Out 10/10/12

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Debate truth

The truth finally caught up with President Obama and bit him squarely on the behind. He demonstrated clearly in the debate his lack of knowledge of the economy and how it works to create jobs. His blatant lies about Mitt Romney's economic and tax proposals were also exposed for the misrepresentations that they are. He had no rebuttal when the truth was fired back at him. He has been so protected by the mainstream media for the past five years that he has never really had to defend his misguided policies in a public forum where no one could rush in to save him and protect him.

Mail service

Here it is, late in the afternoon, and the mail hasn't come in. The only way to get mail on Saturday is to go in and take it yourself, or get it before 5. It's a disgrace in this country that our mail service is this bad.

Helmet ordinance

If the city council really wants to help people, the first thing they need to work on is helmets. We need helmets for people riding bicycles, scooters and mo-peds. Thank you.

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