Speak Out 10/9/12

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Corporations, Obama

Multinational corporate superorganisms have become states in their own right, superseding even the power of government to restrain their rapacious greed. Our only hope of reigning them in is to re-elect President Obama.

Bloomfield problem

I see that the Cape Girardeau Police Department is calling out all forces about children drinking. I wish these cops would go down Bloomfield Street at 3 a.m., but they won't; you can't even go through there for people standing in the streets shooting, cussing and doping. That's where the cops need to be in Cape Girardeau.

Underage drinking

If the local law enforcement is going to be working this hard to catch the underage drinker, why don't they just close all the bars or have a police officer as a designated driver? Anybody can ride, you won't get arrested. I think it's a good idea.

Downtown Cape

My Speak Out is about the downtown area along the riverfront and, in general, downtown where the bars are. I do a lot of walking downtown. I'm sickened when I see the bricks and boulders down the river wall are pulled up and the children are making fire. The graffiti is not a big issue, that's neat as long as it's kept decent. As many times as I've walked down there, I see trash, beer bottles and beer cans. I blame a lot of that on the college students. Maybe the bars need to be more conscientious about not letting bottles and cans leave the bar. Make that an ordinance.

Foreign aid

Our government gives billions of dollars in foreign aid to the world's richest countries and has to borrow it back. Last year Brazil, China, Russia and India got millions of dollars. The lawmakers are the problem. Not the people. So don't cut us; cut foreign aid. Leave us alone. Quit blaming us for the national debt. Leaders of other countries are probably laughing because we give them billions that we don't have.


Wow. Mitt Romney just cleaned Barack Obama's clock. I know who I'm voting for now. And it's not Mr. Can't Talk About An Issue Without A Teleprompter. Correction: Obama talks just fine to celebrities who adore him. But when it comes to policy debates, wow, what a lightweight.

Jackson football

Congratulations to the Jackson Indians for a well played football game at the Cape Central field. The fourth quarter told the story, coaching took over. Good luck, Jackson Indians. Keep up the good work.

Debate performance

I watched the presidential debate, and it was really the first time I looked at the two candidates together. Mitt Romney was so much stronger than Barack Obama. He shared details and explained policies. President Obama mainly fumbled around as if he didn't want to be there, and talked so much without saying anything. I'm now convinced that Romney would be a much better president. It's time for a change. Obama doesn't have any ideas except, as he said, to say "no" to the Congress.

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