Speak out 10/7/12

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Toss-up state

Prepare for a shock if you rely solely on the Southeast Missourian. When it comes to the presidential election, Missouri has been moved into the toss-up category.

Thank you

I want to say thank you to the girl at the bakery stand at the farmers market and for turning in my little green change purse. I also want to thank the farmers market manager who kept it with the money intact and the manager's wife who gave it back to me personally. What a great bunch of people!

Christians, voting

If you call yourself a Christian, please pray to God for clarity on how you ought to vote this election. We must come together as a Christian nation to vote to preserve our rights and our country before it is too late.

Jensen column

According to Mike Jensen, people who really understand what's going on in America will vote for Mitt Romney, although Jensen seems worried that there may be too many dim wits among us who simply don't get it.

Media bias?

Accusations of media bias is an excuse for why your preferred presidential candidate lost. If media bias determined the outcome of an election, then, among others, we would never have elected Nixon, Reagan or Bush.

Dawn in America

It may not be morning in America yet, but it is dawn. We must stay the course.

Rove, Brazile

Why do you stoop to the level of publishing columns by the so-called architect of the worst president in U.S. history? It's not that I read the column, but even seeing the name Karl Rove makes me retch. On the other hand, the column by Donna Brazile taking the Republican controlled House to task dazzled me with its brilliant insights.

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