Letter to the Editor

Support for Obama

Five reasons I will vote for Obama:1. President Obama has turned the economy around and it will continue to improve unless Congress allows us to fall off the "fiscal cliff."

2. The deficit can be reduced through President Obama's balanced approach of increased revenue and spending cuts. The Republican budget makes spending cuts on the backs of the most vulnerable, while preserving tax breaks for the wealthy and increasing defense spending beyond the Pentagon requests.

3. On foreign policy, President Obama has used a steady, patient approach, taking decisive action when necessary; and he has restored the respect and confidence of our allies. Romney has given indications that he would be more likely to alienate our friends and take impulsive, unilateral action.

4. I believe that the right to life includes life in the middle years, as well as at the beginning and end, and that the right to life includes the right to basic health care. The Affordable Care Act is a good start toward universal health care, in which everyone who is able contributes. Romney has vowed to overturn the ACA.

5. I believe in President Obama's philosophy of cooperation and partnership between government and the private sector in our country and between our country and the rest of the world.

HELEN M. HAYS, Cape Girardeau