Speak Out 10/5/12

Friday, October 5, 2012

Race, politics

I agree with the Speak Out caller who expressed frustration because some voters will vote for a presidential candidate on the basis of race. However, we simply must face up to the fact that a certain segment of the electorate will vote for Mitt Romney because he's white.

Great show

I saw "Grease" at the River Campus on Saturday night with my family, and it rocked! The place was packed. Best show yet. Congrats to everyone involved.

Middle class

The middle class has been buried the last four years, which is why we need a change in November. Not because of the president, but because of the Republican members of Congress. They have not done one thing the past four years to help America.

Moron vote

We've come a long way. Back in the Reagan days, Rush and others on the right were expressing great faith in the wisdom of the common man. Now that President Obama may win a second term, Rush has taken to saying the president's campaign is seeking the "moron vote."


My friends told me that the River Campus production of "Grease" was a little racy, but they also said I had to see it. Well, I saw it and I loved it. There was so much energy up there. Everybody jumped to their feet cheering at the end of the show. This production was more like the movie than other versions I have seen, and it was just as good as the film. That director and choreographer are wonderful. And those actors were so good, I can't believe they're students. Overall, I would give this production of Grease a huge thumbs up! 10 out of 10. Congratulations, everyone!

Domestic violence

I am by no means speaking against breast cancer awareness because I as a woman realize that it affects many women. Prevention is key, but why is no one talking about it being domestic violence month also? Every nine seconds a woman is killed at the hand of her abuser. My own mother was shot in the back with an arrow by my father, and now he's serving 25 years. She is gone now, but I am just wanting this cause to be recognized and paid serious attention to.

Jensen column

President Obama may be our last, best hope to reverse it. Ironically, the accurately depicted dwindling middle class to which columnist Mike Jensen refers and about which he expresses concerns results from a decades-long adoption of trickle-down economic policies espoused by the likes of Milton Friedman, Arthur Laffer, Ronald Reagan and, yes, Mike Jensen.

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