Speak Out 10/4/12

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Corporate games

For years I participated in the corporate games. Now, I am a spectator. Obviously, I couldn't take in all of the growing number of different kinds of contests. This year, Cape Girardeau's corporate games offered participation in 22 types of games, all the way from softball to disc golf to trivia night. Congratulations to all of the participants. Based on what I saw, competition and sportsmanship characterized all of the games. In addition, Cape Girardeau's Parks and Rec ran the games with enthusiasm and a professional degree of competence far beyond what one might ordinarily expect. A special shout out goes to Heather Davis, the overall organizer of the games, as well as coordinators Kaed Horrell and Chris Eastridge.

Jensen column

I wonder if it has ever dawned on media mogul and controversial right-wing columnist Mike Jensen and others that the reason President Obama appears to be ahead at this point is (rather than media bias and what he shockingly termed lack of voter sophistication, whereby voters don't think for themselves) that voters are smart and sophisticated and realize President Obama is a superior candidate with a superior message.

A local treasure

The section of North Sprigg Street between Bertling Street and Lexington Avenue is a Cape Girardeau treasure. It is an important area for many residents who do not live in that immediate area and did not have the opportunity to sign the petition. I drive (slowly), walk or run through that area intentionally almost every day, and it serves as pleasant therapy and relief from the stress of work, politics and much of life. Mr. Leoni's apartment project would ruin the area for nearby residents. But it would also ruin the area for the rest of us in Cape Girardeau who respectfully enjoy its wildlife and natural beauty.

Republicans, quarry

Kind of ironic that the same people who will vote for Romney because they think government is regulating businesses too much are fighting to regulate the quarry in Fruitland.

Libya investigation

Questions about how the Obama administration has handled the attack in Libya that killed the U.S. ambassador on Sept. 11 have taken a harder political edge. Some Republicans say U.N. ambassador Susan Rice should resign over faulty reporting of the attack. When they can't even send in a team to investigate it, how can the so-called smart Republicans even know what the truth is? Nobody really does yet. It is just a guess and may end up being just that even after we can send some people there to investigate it.

Limbaugh, Obama

I often find myself taking what President Obama says at face value. As a result, I consider myself very fortunate to have frequent access to a neutral and objective source who consistently informs me as to what the president really means. Thank you, David Limbaugh!


Time is passing and I think if this presidential election is going to change course, then the Southeast Missourian must hurriedly editorially endorse Mitt Romney.

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