Speak Out 10/3/12

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Thank you

I'm calling to thank the person who found my clutch purse in Cape Girardeau and turned it in to the police department. I appreciate it very, very much. Thank you.

Stop addictions

Every time I leave Walmart in Cape I wonder why there is an old boy sitting there on the curb, smoking his cigarettes, drinking his drink, working so hard at not working. I think if one's going to drink and smoke they can afford to buy groceries. Get a clue; stop your addictions and things might look up.

Romney, China

What else is new? Mitt Romney used to denounce attempts at implementing fair trade policies with China as protectionist and dangerous. Now he is embracing the idea of fair trade vis a vis China as fabulous.

School issues

The new Franklin School is wonderful, but there are a couple of things that need to be addressed. One is the speeding on Keller Avenue. When children are getting out of school it gets really dangerous. There should be something to slow these motorists down.

Jensen column

Mike Jensen's widely read, perhaps viral, pre-election attack on American voters as being unsophisticated and consisting of uninformed citizens who sit around and stare at the TV seems in part designed to prepare his passionate conservative followers for what he deems will be a catastrophic Obama victory.

Burning problem

I agree with the reader who asked people not to burn. Our homes are close together and we have had to close our windows on nice cool days and turn on the air conditioning to breathe. One person burning causes everyone else illness. If we are working in our yard or the kids are playing we have to gather everyone into the house and stay locked inside. Our kids should be able to play outside on nice days without breathing toxins of whatever is burning next door.

Limbaugh column

David Limbaugh's recent "10 reasons why Romney will win" column wasn't completely convincing, but it did give me some reassurance that Romney will carry Utah.

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