Speak Out 10/2/12

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Thank you

My wife and I were at Trail of Tears State Park at the river overlook. While I was there I dropped a special walking cane that I got from my daughter several years ago. There was a family there with four teenage girls. They went racing up the walkway then down the hillside to retrieve the cane for me at the bottom of the overlook by the railroad tracks. I want to say thank you to the girls, and we do have some wonderful teens in this area. Thank you.

Take care of us

I am so disgusted with our federal government. They cut the military, yet we send all these dollars to countries overseas that are bombing our embassies. One of these days somebody is going to take us over because our government doesn't have enough sense to take care of us first.

Price gouging

If the politicians are for helping the people out like they say they are, why don't they stop all these utilities places from raising their prices and gouging people? Why don't they stop these banks from taking people's houses away and make them work out a payment plan to keep them in their homes? Keep doctors and drug companies and hospitals from raising their prices so high no one can afford it? Think back to all the coal factories, shoe factories, industrial factories; bring our servicemen back home, build up our military back home.

Crossword puzzles

In a serious mode, I think Greek mythology and foreign languages should be banned from all crossword puzzles. Thank you.

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